Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Satisfying Our Discontent(?)

Got a comment from Sunbather on the "Love:A Reality Check" post on how people simply stay in relationships basically for the sake of being in a relationship, and wondering where the love is, or the wife who has the marriage but not the romance. And Sunbather's comment was:
I know that our discontent is an evolutionary necessesity, that without it there wouldn't be any progress, but man, sometimes I just want to rest from the search for more. Sometimes I am deeply envious of those who have learned how to settle for less.
But I'm sure this is just a phase
First thank you for the comment, and second I sure hope like hell it's just a phase!
Being envious of those who have learned how to settle for less??????????
I'm sure that's the easy solution, but that's where these problems come up. Sure it's great to be in a relationship with someone, but should you really have to wait 5 years before you decide to make a commitment, I should just settle, and be thankful I have someone. The wife who doesn't think it's romantic enough that her husband sit around on the couch in his underwear eating buffalo wings and goes to her, "Here honey, lick the sauce off my fingers!" She should just settle, and thank her lucky stars she's not an old maid.
I don't think our discontent is an evolutionary necessity. Our discontent comes from not being patient, and not realizing or coming to terms with who we are, who we want to be, or be with, what we want to be or do. You don't need Tony Robbins or for that matter Jesus to tell you that you can have whatever you want. Does it take a lot of work. Sure seems like it, because that's where a statement like settling for less comes from, but since you want more (and face it we all do), then expect more, be more, do more and maybe it's not so hard. Didn't JFK say we don't do things because they're easy, and we shouldn't especially when it comes to our ultimate satisfaction.
I envy people who are with people that they absolutely adore, and through the struggles press on. And I'm sad to say I don't see it very often, but when I do, it just inspires me more, that the "more" is more important. Don't settle for less, because your "more" could just be around the corner! Hang in there!
That's all I have for today,
Until Next Time,

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spam A-Lot!

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! I hope spring has sprung where you live, because it's having a tough time springing up here! I actually had a tough time scraping the windshield this morning because the frost made a cool pattern and I didn't want it to die! But had to get to work, so tough cookies.
I'm training new people in our new office this week, and that's been a lot of work, moving and teaching people new things, but sometimes things settle down, and can actually get quite boring. I did the normal stuff, checked my email, my ebay auctions, stock portfolio(still not rich yet!), website stats, another email account, checked the news, and still nothing going on here at the office. Crap, now what. So I thought I would check my bulk email folder! What fun! I have blindly just let mail goe into this folder and just empty it when it gets too big. But no more! Just look at all the things I've been missing that I can use in my life! 22 credit card applications, 9 of the pre-approved! 9 Auto loans, 6 Directv units (although I think a couple were Dish Network!), 16 home refinace offers, also I can get cash by tomorrow! 5 new cell phones, and offers for more ring tones for those phones, don't forget affordable health care and life insurance, plenty of those, and I can get a degree in criminal justice! I don't how I gotten along without the right Martini glasses all this time, and finally the best hair barrettes ever made(in the description they say "Hair's the details! Man that's funny!)!
So if you feel something is missing in your life, it could as close to you as your bulk mail folder!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 21, 2005

A Love Follow-Up!

After my lengthy discussion on love the other day, I came across another blog from a woman which I felt proved my point, or at least the point I was trying to make to the question that was at hand.
This is what was at the top of her blog for the day:
What Do You Want Out of Life?
1. To be a GREAT Mother
2. To be a GREAT Wife (first two is hard to argue with, good to have goals)
3. FOR MY HUSBAND TO ROMANCE ME (this is where we need a judges ruling!)
(this is the rest of her rant)
Is it so hard? Women are simple creatures! No really
we are! All we want is to be appreciated. See its not
(Now back to me)
Two points that I can add to this,
Point 1 is a follow up to what I wrote about last Thursday, is that self matters. What are you doing that makes you feel like you should be romanced? Just being his wife I guess is reason enough, therefore what are both of your ideas of what romance is? In his mind maybe he is, to some people coming home with a bucket of chicken wings and sitting with him on the couch and watching him slam them down watching football is romantic. That leads to point 2 (and when I get to quote Tony Robbins it's a good day), which is the quality of your life(or marriage) is equal to the quality of your communication. Spouting off to the blogoshpere is okay so that you are not bottling stuff up, but it's not who you should be talking to. Talk and find out what makes both of you happy. Men are simple creatures too, but remember it's not simplicty that we ultimately are searching for. Loving is easy, it's all around like I said Monday, and don't lie, even if he starts romancing, you're going to want a little more. It's your complexities and your ability to communicate and show them, is what makes you lovable and capable of "more"!
I welcome comments on the subject, I want to make sure I'm on the right track and not coming off as insensitive.
Best wishes again to all searching for "more!"

That's all I today, comments are always welcome,
have a great day,

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Love: A Reality Check!

Once again while surfing the blogs, another hot topic (giving God & Politics a day off) is love and relationships.
I came across this blog, and it’s the question and the writers response that inspired me to view my thoughts on the subject.
The question was from a woman who had been with a man for over five years, and she asked the host if she really was in love, or was with someone she was just used to!
His response was maybe a little jaded (admittedly), because he was skeptical of love, and thought of it more as an illusion.
In my opinion the answer to her question is, it’s both.
There is the life long debate about loving, and being “in love”, and the difference between the two. The fact that she has spent five years with the same guy shows some of evidence of love there. I’m sure there’s affection, and caring, and other things(!), but now after five years, is this it? Is there more? Or Isn't There More?
In response to the response, that “true love” as a mere illusion, I offer this to both of them.
Love is defined is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. I think that most of us can agree that this exists and is all around and therefore love defined as such is a reality. I love my parents, my brother, my friends, my co-workers, my cats, and yes even my ex-girlfriends. I don’t hesitate in sharing my feeling for these examples and have a strong positive emotion of regard and affection for them.
What happens is that we have inherent and instinctive “needs” for companionship and the melding of our lives with someone else. We are to be brought up and educated to provide commerce and at some point we get together with someone and get married and have children and the process starts all over again. For a lot of people this seems fine, but for some of us there seems like there should be more.
It’s the “more” that we are ultimately searching for. We called it love, and it is very often mistaken for love, because it is a very key part of it, but it is so much more. This we can debate as illusion, because it is not defined, and if you could ask ten people what the “more” means to them, you will probably get ten different answers.
In searching for the “more”, self matters. You must come to grips with your “aberrations” and really self evaluate what the “more” means to you, and why you want to invite another into that. I have seen so many fine and affectionate people simply give themselves up in the name of “love”, without ever exploring themselves and the wonderful things that actually make them “loveable” to fill this “need” to be loved, or married or a parent, and never asking why, and giving themselves enough time for them to get a honest answer.
In my opinion five years is enough time to figure out if there is “more” there or not. It’s scary to have to decide to move on or not, but it’s even scarier to realize that there could be someone that gives you “more” all along.
My best wishes to all of us who are searching for “more”!

That's All I Have today,
Happy St. Patricks Day,

Friday, March 04, 2005

Is The Fat Lady Humming for PBS?!

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who believes in the irrelevance of PBS!(referring to my 2/17/05 post)
Here is George Will's article I found in the funny papers yesterday!

Nintendo vs. Sega Revisited!
I have tons of things to do and get organized this weekend and thanks to a couple peoples blog's (Jason Barrow's was one) I've been playing some Nintendo games I played 15 years ago!
Everyvideogame.com is an evil site that has every old Nintendo game plus Sega and Arcade games as well. What's worse is you don't have to download anything they play right on your browser through Java!
My sore fingers healed about 7 years ago and are starting to feel the pain again. I'm sure I'll get tired of it before too long, and if anyone find's Atari 2600 or anything else I may have to be institutionalized!

Helpful Hint For the Day!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

OnStar! or Else!

Did anyone catch the new OnStar commercials this past weekend while networks were trying to show "Sports" programming and on the Oscars! The ads that suggest that if you don't get OnStar you're a terrible, unfeeling, money stuffing, human being.
Before I go on I must add that this is not like me. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I am getting old! I hate complaining, in fact I think there is way too much of it these days, and it's not getting anybody anywhere any faster than if they would just try and be nice! And I'm begging people, please stop bashing President Bush, it's only enhancing his "legacy" and was one of the reasons that he actually got elected this last time.
So I don't like to complain, and in the past when I would see a commercial like this I would say, "Oh, that was nice. Now could someone please pass the bean dip!"
But Sunday I had a different reaction when I saw the ad, it was more like, "WHAT THE @#$%$#, THE MOTHER-@#$%^&%$##'S, how dare you! With that heart tugging music in the background, and the cute kids saying, "You wouldn't let your kids ride without a seat belt would you?" "So why wouldn't you use OnStar!"
Because I don't want to! Seems like a good response to me and I shouldn't be made to feel like a heartless bastard if I don't get the service.
First off it's only available on GM vehicles and I don't drive them and I don't plan to. So they are also implying that if you don't own a GM product you're a heartless bastard, and get this, if you read the fine print in the commercial that the service is available on most but not ALL GM vehicles. So they're also saying that if you don't get the right vehicle you're not only a heartless but cheap bastard as well!
I realize I'm probably making more out of this than is really necessary, I really believe that GM is doing this has a last ditch effort because they can't give the service away, and I would probably be less offended by the campaign if the program wasn't exclusive to GM. The fact for me is that I drive Toyota and Ford, and I when I drive I have a cell phone with me, and one time when my car started on fire, not only having the phone saved my life, but ended up saving the car as well. So I believe that is a reasonable alternative, so I feel I don't need a guilt trip to consider a new product.
Now that is over, I must point out that the Sun is shining and it's a wonderful day!

Beyond Belief!

One of my daily reads is Ran Selig's website (he doesn't like the term blog) No Relgion Now. A nice site that's a little on the cranky bleedin liberal side, but he brings up good topics and makes you think about things that really need to be more thought ought.
What's Good: He allows comments even if you don't agree with his position(just try to have a thoughtful comment, but that's what we all ask isn't it!), and he always responds.
Constructive Criticism: Most of the people who participate already share his views, and sometimes his use of language is a little tough. If you're main focus is to get people to think beyond their belief systems, he might in one of his statements say that Pat Robertson is a $%#@er. Now that might be true, but if I'm a follower of Pat Robertson (just for the sake of arguement!) and I may be willing to move beyond that. Calling him a $%#$er is probably not going to convince me.
But anyway, besides the plug, on his site today I came across a link to the BBC radio program (or programme to them) Beyond Belief. And since this site was intended to have audio programs. Here is a List of available programs. It is BBC so it's a little monotone, but discusses a number of issues that show that there is more to believing than just believing! Plus listening to one of the programs (programmes!) I got my quote of the day, week, year or whatever!
"You can take things literally, or you can take them seriously!"

That's all I have today,
Until next time,

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