Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cold War 2 or Ooops Didn't See Your Satellite?

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, in fact since I have been sitting in on a wonderful course on Physics from the University of California Berkeley I have pretty much ruled out any conspiracy with 9/11, Man on the Moon, The Earth being Flat and Roswell, New Mexico.

When I read the story about the United States(U.S.) and Russian satellites colliding and got the details of the story, it was the Physics that made me go, "Wait a minute, something isn't right here."

Maybe I've been listening to a little too much of Adam Curry on No Agenda or maybe I am just really bored, but when I read that the satellites were in a low Earth orbit bells started ringing in my head and red flags are waving all over the place.
You see if these were "communication" satellites, one would think they would be in a geosynchronous orbit, meaning almost in the same position as if it is almost falling back to Earth(as I understand it). The only things that are usually in low Earth orbits?(Drum roll please)

Now I really get to thinking. What if I am a future President of the United States, better yet let's say we have a new President(we haven't had one of those lately have we?), and he is getting to meet his Joint Chiefs of Staff and they present a report to him saying that they believe that a Russian satellite that was rumored to be non-functional is in fact functional and taking pictures of the United States. Not that there is anything really important for them to be taking pictures of, but it would just send a strong message that we know what is going on and that we mean business, and since sending a missile to destroy the satellite would send too strong of a message. We have Johnny Physics guy here who says we can take one of our communication satellites and bring it into orbit with their satellite and kabooom! No one will suspect anything since it has never happened before, and to make it more interesting we will make it sound like the International Space Station(which I hope is in a higher orbit) is in danger of the debris.

Well that almost sounds too good to be true. But since each side is blaming the other for the "accident", it seems like happy days all over again.
I'll go with the official story for now. But watch out I might write about it on my blog. Oh wait.

Anyway food for thought, and that's always healthy.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Radioaffliction Vol.8: I Went to the Doctor and Had my Blagojevich Removed!

Host Peter A. Clay is joined by Chris Korhonen(C.K.) and Robert King.

Click here for volume 8 of The Radioaffliction.

Topics include:
The Impeachment conviction of Rod Blagojevich(we just love the name, and the hair!).
DTV Delay(again!).
How bad is the economy(really).
No Love for the $2 bill.
Getting questionable advertising through committee(aw, nuts!).


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