Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spam A-LOT!

Once again I'm writing an article that explains the whole point of what The Radioaffliction is all about. A simple topic that I throw out to the universe in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of the subject involved, by not only sharing my opinion but hopefully getting views from other people as well, and while we may not find the answer, we have a least talked about it and hopefully gained some knowledge, understanding and heaven forbid - wisdom.
Today's topic is one that I'm not sure has many good answers, but is getting harder and harder for me to understand, and that is the subject of Spam!
To me spam is much more than just unsolicited email, but also these "commercial" web pages that took over traffic exchange sites a long time ago.
I actually have less outrage over email spam because most of it gets put into a specific folder, and if one happened to sneek through -click- it's gone. In fact I often thought that people who complained about spam should have been put in a burlap bag and thrown off a cliff, and as they are plunging down yell at them to lighten up. Kind of like the guy I met one time who thought it was inappropriate for someone to be talking on their cell phone at the urinal, not realizing it was inappropriate to yell at someone at the urinal that they are doing something inappropriate.
But as hilarious as I find email spam from time to time, like the new trick people are doing to insure that they are on the top of your email folder by putting the date a year in advance, is that it all just seems pointless to me. To send out millions of emails in the hopes that at best a 1% conversion rate. I know it's easy, and I do believe in free enterprise, but the best things created, done and enjoyed in life weren't the easiest. The don't have to monumentally hard either, but as Star Trek and for crying out loud The Wizard of Oz have taught us (over and over again) is that the things we really want, we probably all ready have. It just takes a little thought, some creativity (that is not a dirty word by the way) and heaven forbid -TIME-!
Here's an example and maybe you have come across these web sites before, that go on for what seems like six pages that try to pump you up with things like, "Wouldn't you like to spend more time with your family", or "Have the freedom to do what you want, and work at home", going on and on about how great their lives are, and don't forget the testimonials, and still going all the way to the end when they actually have the #$%&@ to ask for your credit card and usually $49.99(sometimes more, but risk free for thirty days of course) without EVER telling you what it is, does or will do for me.
It kind of reminds me of the executive in the Monty Python sketch explaining to the police officer that if he actually said what he did his sales would plummet.
So here is my advice, tell your ideas, your thoughts and maybe your basic plans, and I'll tell you if those fit with my ideas, thoughts and greater plans, and worthy of my $49.99. Because heck, if I know something ahead of time, I may try anything(almost) for 30 days.
Just a thought,
Have a Wonderful Day

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