Tuesday, April 22, 2003

hello, and a good tuesday to you. One of the things that is bothering me are hit exchange sites. I've used these in the past to help generate hits for the website, and create awareness to the site. The concept is great, you view a website (for a least 10 or 30 seconds depending on the site) and in return someone views mine. The problem not enough people use their own sites. They use generic pre-made sites to promote e-biz rotators, MLM's, and other pointless "oppourtinities" in the illusion they're going to make a ton of money. I'm sure some people have been successful at it, but I hope not at the expense of someone else. I especially like(meaning hate) the ones that start out as "Are tired of the Scams!?!" Well thank you for letting me view another one! The whole point of this "information age" is to take your own ideas and be able to communicate them to the world. I realize people need to make money, but be creative for a few minutes in your life. It's just a shame that a well meaning concept to allow people to promote their own websites, have to be flooded with these "Programs", and I'm not sure why the hit exchange programs want them.
Anyway, some hit exchange sites like TrafficG and Trafficswarm have very good search programs that you can find "good" sites. I have made a list of some of them and I will put them on the home page in the next couple of days. I recommend that you at least view and try to support these sites that have taken the time and the work to put something together.
Thanks for letting me vent, and have a wonderful creative day!

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