Monday, January 15, 2007

Just What Are The Best Ways to Communicate?

Ann Althouse (my main competition for having the best blog from Madison) has a great post in response to what a lady in Atlanta wrote to the New York Times in response to one of their editorials on blogging, which said:

I have a suggestion that would save us all a lot of time and aggravation as we grow increasingly more addicted to modern technology.

It's ridiculously simple really. How about if all those who spend much of their time chattering on their cellphones stow them somewhere, and actually talk to the living, breathing human beings right in front of them? Then maybe they wouldn't have to spend so much time blogging us all senseless.

We'd all be truly communicating, and we'd have more time to truly accomplish something. Or perhaps just enjoy life.

Radical idea? You decide.

Ann and her commenter's are doing a better job of tackling the topic of communication.
My thought process started with the lady's (whose name is Leslie R. Hunter) notion of the increasing addiction to modern technology in regards to communication.
Something I read somewhere defined technology has a better method of doing something, and that's what these new devices are doing in many areas including communication.
When I read a statement like Ms. Hunters, I think of a person who is overwhelmed by the advance of technology. Since shifts in technology used to take place only a few times in one persons lifetime, now they happen a few times every five or ten years, if not sooner.
Choice should not be critiqued based solely on personal taste. Yes, personal (one on one) communication is very good and healthy, but it may be hard to believe, but some people have phobia's about that, mine is calling people on the phone. Don't ask me why, but I'd rather email somebody than call them. But that's me, I still have a cell phone and I love it when people call me. I also agree that some people could be more tactful (click here for my post about a man on his cell phone while going to the bathroom!) with their addiction to modern technology, but I can only encourage people to communicate by what ever means they see fit.

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Once again I try to keep things tasteful on this site. But this really made me laugh!
Thanks to Packer Palace for the photo.

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