Sunday, February 20, 2005

So Just What is Tacky These Days?

I found this story I wrote in my notes from a couple years ago when my office was in a hotel in Boulder, CO. It made me laugh so I thought I would share it with all of you!

An interesting situation happened to me recently, and it happened in the men's room. Now I will try not to be tacky while explaining it, but I went into the men's room, because that's what I do from time to time when nature calls, and went to the urinal, because that's where I do it. Behind me in the sit down stall with the door open, a man is standing doing #1 and talking on his cell phone. In other words doing business while doing the business! I snicker a bit, and I probably say to myself "Now I've seen everything!", and move along with my process, although trying to listen in on what the conversation is about that is so important that it can't wait a two minute bathroom break.
Another gentleman walks in, and goes to the far urinal leaving the traditional one space in between, because he would be tacky to use the urninal right next to mine. He is astounded by what's happening in the stall behind us, and he says to me, "His he talking on his cell while going to the bathroom?" and I said "Sounds like it." And he responds with "Well that's pretty tacky isn't it?" and I said "Well?" in a kind of "to each his own" kind of way, and wasn't quite sure a grown man should use the word "tacky" in public.
So when Mr. Talker leaves his stall and goes to wash his hands, while still talking on the phone, the man next to me yells from his urinal "That's Tacky!"
The first guy doesn't acknowledge him and continues his conversation on the phone, while continuing to wash his hands, and at this point is actually displaying some talent. I am now in an uncomfortable position, so I get done and wash my hands quick and get out, while the second guy finishes and while washing his hands says to the guy again, "That's Tacky!", while the guy is still talking on his phone. I bolt out the door at this point, because I'm about to bust out laughing. There is something about a potentially confrontational situation that I find funny. But it left me with a little bit of a dilema.
What is less tactful?
Talking and doing business on the cell phone while going to the bathroom, or yelling at someone and telling them they're being tacky while they're going to the bathroom, when he is going to the bathroom!
As I get older, I seem to be more forgiving to a person doing a tacky act, than to a person who cries foul at a tacky act. I was willing to laugh off the first guy, but with the second guy, I actually wanted to take the first guys cell phone and beat the crap out of the second guy, OR while I'm going to the bathroom, and when the second guy yells "That's Tacky", I quickly turn to him and "WHOOPS!"
Now that would be tacky!


Jennifer said...

Lots of tacky stuff happening all around, but to "cry tacky" would be tackiest of all.

Anonymous said...

Cute story....which is tackier...close call, but I kinda feel a bit like don't need to be chatting on the phone. Just seems wrong...but that's me. :)

Have a nice day.


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