Friday, December 14, 2007

The Radioaffliction: Are The Chicago Cubs treated unfairly in the USA?

The Radioaffliction Vol. 6 is finally here!

Click here to listen or right click it to download!

Joined once again by my Brother Adam as co-host we discuss the following topics.
*Moving Forward by stepping back.
*Final thoughts on the website So Lost in Wisconsin.
*I thank the Chicago Cubs for Losing!
*Get rid of Columbus Day as a holiday?
*What hours should liquor stores be open?
**Commercial Break**
*Look older right away with Ms. Wrinkles!
*More topics include:
*Words you think you know.
*Is Good Morning Madison "Bill" insensitive?
And much much more!

Help make The Radioaffliction interactive and play the "um" game.
Count how many times Adam and I(mostly me) say "um" or "uh"(please don't make it a drinking game).

Things I Shouldn't Find Funny:

But do!

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