Saturday, March 08, 2003

Wow, what a day already, and it's only Noon! I went to my first auction today, it was so much fun. Since it was my first time the auctioneer gave me the virgin speech to the whole crowd. He was very funny, and polite, and encouraged me to participate. I didn't get any of the things I wanted (a bunch of CD's, DVD's and a 200 disc sony DVD player), but I did get 2 pairs of ski's for $40! So I may go up to the mountains next week and try them out! I heard from my consulting engineer Jim Reid in California that another Auto Swap meet (where I my got stash of Albums for a crazy price:See Peter's famous reviews:The California albums for the whole story!(at of course)) is going on this weekend! Good Luck Jim! That's the report for now, Later, PAC

Farewell Star Trek Ep.18 Arena! We Really Won't Miss You!

Dear friends, it has come time that I must ask that everyone take a major chill pill and relax, because I have something very important to a...