Sunday, June 21, 2009

Radioaffliction: Bummin Cousins

Debut episode of the podcast Bummin Cousins on the Radioaffliction Network with hosts Peter A. Clay of The Radioaffliction and Jim Reid of How to Make and Eat a Raw Beef Sandwich.
Two cousins just bummin and talking about the latest issues of the day.

Click here to listen or right click it to download.

In this episode the discussion includes, Leo Laportes tirade on "The Gillmor Gang", David Carradines Death, and has Twitter changed the World or are people wanting to change the world using Twitter, Plus our Bummin tips and albums of the week, and much more.

Don't be a bum! Go Bummin with The Bummin Cousins!

You can also listen, download or subscribe to the raw, uncensored feed of Bummin Cousins here!
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