Friday, April 08, 2005


Did you ever get a comment on your blog that you just didn't understand why someone would take the time to respond! My case in point is this one from PiKKeL WeeZeL!

This is exactly why people from Wisconsin shouldn't write blogs. You have cats? Reason number two that you shouldn't have a blog.

Not quite sure what being from Wisconsin has to do with anything that he would be commenting on (his comment came from last post Back in Action), and besides when I got the cats, I was in Colorado. So should people who have cats in Colorado be allowed to have blogs? If I had to sterotype (like WeeZel did), I would have to say that he/she is stuck in Illinois because he/she can't afford the raised toll prices.
Or is still upset that his/her favorite team got their butts kicked by the Packers, and just can't let go!
It's okay WeeZel, I forgive you. So when you get a chance to leave your sheltered life, come visit, bring the family to the Dells, or go to Mt. Horeb and visit the Mustard Museum, or if you're a little more ecletic, visit Door County. Have fun, and if you send me your address I'll make sure you get a cheeshead for Christmas!

What did these innocent sweet children do to upset PiKKeL WeeZeL!
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