Friday, December 22, 2006

Find a Penny? Pick it Up!

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I enjoy the site Gullible Info, and it is there I found this interesting tidbit.

"People in a west coast city are three times more likely to stop and pick up a coin on the street than people in an east coast city."

Now that may only mean that a west coast city is three times more likely to lose a coin on the street than an east coast city, but it does beg to offer this question.

If you saw a coin on the street(or sidewalk), why wouldn't you pick it up?

Even the lonely penny(it's real name is the one cent piece, pennies come from England and heaven I'm told), which it's existence is mind boggling to me, especially since it costs more to make it than it can be tendered for, not to mention how long retailers have been duping people into believing that it's a better deal that something is $4.99 rather than an even $5.00, with all that said, the penny is still worth something.
There is even an incentive for the stray coin,
"Find a penny pick it up, the rest of the day you'll have good luck!".
Others have amended that by saying the coin must be heads up but hey, you've got an opportunity here. I've struggled with that theory when I come across one in a urinal, and I'm forced to think just how badly do I need good luck for the rest of the day.
Anyway the point is, coins come in handy, and they add up, so if you see one that has lost a home, give it one until you can find a nice cash register for it.
One other thing that still boggles my mind, is that how many people still don't know that the two dollar bill is still in active circulation, and yet it is still being rebuffed by the general public.
I wrote about that last year in a post, and I still can't figure it out. 2 is a nice even number, and can be very helpful is cash situations. I would rather have 2 two dollar bills than 4 one's, and heck I'd rather have 3 two dollar bills than a 5 and a 1.
It is after all just my opinion, but the lesson learned today, love and take care of your coins and your two dollar bill!
Have a great day,

Updated 12/31/06:
This also from
In its "lifetime" an average dollar bill is touched by over 10,000 different people.
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