Thursday, December 14, 2006

Request Hotline: More Raw Beef!

The past month has been nothing but visiting family and friends having family and friends visit, and when that much family gets together a certain point comes along when requests are made like, "We should do this more often", and "Answer your damn phone!"
But my family and most of my friends are a little weird and the most requests I got during the visits were asking if I still had the video of my cousin Jim making and eating a raw beef sandwich!
And I replied, "Of course I do!", and since The Radioaffliction is a public service, and it's iTunes link has expired I have decided the world should never forget "How to Make and Eat a Raw Beef Sandwich!"
First watch the video, then if you are not grossed out and you want to make and eat your own raw beef sandwich here is Jim Reid's recipe in order:
1 slice of Rye bread buttered(or use I Can't Believe It's Not Butter or if you can find it I found that "Move Over Butter" works really well).
1 Package of Ground Round(Please don't eat the whole package, just enough to cover the slice of bread).
Seasonings: Salt & Pepper(seasoned salt works very well too).
Optional Items:
Slice of Onion
BLATZ BEER(Optional?)!

There you have it, just in time for the holidays!
If you could be so kind once you have watched the video, if you could write a review for it here. Thanks and enjoy!
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