Thursday, February 03, 2005

Always Look On the Bright Side of Life!

With my birthday coming my best friend was taking me, and another friend of mine who also has a birthday coming up to the Wisconsin Badger Basketball game. Along for the ride also was one of my best friend's clients. I get done with work early and head over to TGI Fridays to meet them. I'm looking forward to a good time, and on the way my best friend gives me a call and let's me know about the customer, that he's a really cool guy, but really doesn't need to know our whole sorted past. Typical stuff from him , but a good point.

Well I get there, his client recognizes me, and it turns out to be my ex-girlfriends brothers brother in law. We have a good laugh at what a small world it is, and as the Long Island Ice Tea's keep coming, the night spirals downhill and he hears all of our horrid stories, and he tells the story of what really happened at a family wedding we were both at a year ago.
Anyway the Long Islands keep coming and it's getting close to game time. I must point out I didn't want Long Island's because at some point they give me a sour stomach, but my best friend was picking up the tab, I followed the rules.

Anyway, we head over to the Kohl Center, and we're laughing, honking the horn at other cars and acting "really" mature. We make it there, and just as we get there, I can't make it any further, it hits me, and hilarity ensues. It's really not worth reporting what happens next, and whatever you hear, it's probably true. Let's just put it this way, when I left the office I was wearing a nice button down shirt, with my Hillfinger pants, and came home with Bucky Badger boxer shorts, Wisconsin Pajama Bottoms and a nice Wisconsin T-shirt!
I only caught five minutes of the game, my first reaction was to runaway, call a cab and never face another soul as long as I live. But my best called on my cell phone, and when I got there they acted as a shield, and I got my senses back and everything was fine. Later on they toasted me at a bar(for water & food!) next to the stadium for hanging in there, but I provided another story to add to our legacy!
Just another sign that as I get another year older it's getting time to grow up!
Now I must point out I don't condone such behavior, the only point I'm trying to make is that humility can be a wonderful thing. It's not the end of the world, and if you have good friends, you can overcome lapses in judgment, and actually make someone's life. "Did I ever tell you about what happened to Pete at the Badger game!"
I just wanted to come "clean" with the story.
Have a Wonderful day, and stay away from TGIF Long Island Ice Teas!
Until Next Time,

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Vics said...

LOL nice tale m'dear. I can guarentee i have a few similar, i have to be careful though - the mother reads my blog *sniff*
just felt a comment would be ok to let you know BC is working *grin*

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