Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The big news here in Madison, a certain sports network, I won't mention their name but their intials are E S P N will not be back in town this year for their Outdoor games.
I guess I will just go back to doing just about anything else!!!!!
I'm not bragging but ESPN has more to lose than Madison, they can go back to Lake Placid, NY or Reno, NV or find a new place, all they're going to do is spend four days in a city and edit the heck out of it, and show it for an hour over five days!
In the end nobody really cares, give me Sportscenter, and then give it to me for ten hours straight.
I went to the games one day last year, and it was fine, had some fun, watched some cute young girls log roll as they had Sponsor Me! on their butt, and that's nice. But I probably wouldn't of gone if there was admission, and I don't like how ESPN is trying to make it out like it's Madison's fault for them not returning. We'll get over it, come to think it, I just did,
Moving ON,

Weekend in "Review" & Comments!
Thanks to all for you comments over the weekend, I made it through without football for the most part, I did have some Arena football on in the background.
I also this weekend read the whole "The DaVinci Code"! (***1/2)
I'm probably a year too late to give a full review, and Pat Buchanan on McGlaughlin Group listed it as his "Lie of the Year" because it "probably damaged the faith of an awful lot of people. And I think it's by and large a big fraud, but it's a gigantic best-seller."
I don't why I've been leaving my deeper thoughts on other peoples blog, and not on my own, but here I go again.
I will say this about the book:
The answers we seek, are easier than the questions asked.
If your faith is hedging on some sort of "truth", you get that.
If your faith is sound, and you just want to see what kind of rubbish someone is writing. Your faith should be restored by the end, as long as you don't kill anyone over it.
If there is something you truly seek in life, your end isn't very far from your begining.
And finally if you need a good book to read on a weekend with no football you get that too!

One other thing from this weekend for all you who can't wait for Lime Coke. I tried the Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (**).
A little disappointed, it tasted like the Old Diet Dr. Pepper that came in the blue can or bottle.(By the way if anyone has a photo of the old Diet Dr. Pepper could you email me, I couldn't fine one on google!)
I know the approach for Diet Dr. Pepper is to taste like the original, but I don't think this what they had in mind for this product. Oh well, Lime Coke is on the way to save the day!

That's all I have today,
Until Next time,

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