Friday, February 04, 2005

It's a Tragedy!

The grogginess of waking up this morning was shaken off by my favorite sin of ESPN when the anchor announced that New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady suffered a "personal tragedy" with the death of his grandmother at age 94! I repeat AGE 94!!!
Folks that's an accomplishment, not a tragedy! Sure it's a bummer, and there's a time of reflection, and grief, but I'm sure Tom will be okay. But how does the Mighty ESPN and other reporters share his grief, by shoving a bunch of microphones in his face and demanding a comment. Hello, what do think he's going to say. The only reason I can think of people wanting to know this, is if he went out on a limb and went nuts and said, "It's about time the old bag went, my mother has been waiting for her inheritance for years, now I can count the days until she goes!"
No, that's not going to happen so leave it alone. My disdain of this kind of reporting goes back to when John Lennon was killed, and somebody found Paul McCartney and asked him how he fealt. Paul looked at him, and you can tell he's holding it all in, and said "Yeah, it's kind of a bummer isn't it!" Now looking at the words it sounds kind of vain, but Paul looked at the reporter and saying with his expression, "How could this Mother$%&*# ask me this right now!" That was a tragedy, here's another one, A Rural Wisconsin man kills his wife, very young daughter and teenage step-son, because GOD asked him to bring his family to heaven! Once again forgetting about the loosely translated fifth commandment of "Thou Shall Not Kill", and also I think someone famous said "Thou Shall Not Be Lead Into Temptation", and I'm only assuming that includes God. I maybe going to extremes but ESPN should choose their words a little more carefully when trying to fill in the blanks and make a story while we're still waiting for this "Game" to start.

Life is SO GOOD!
Now that we have the tragedy out of the way, we should not forget that by and large life is pretty good, and the State in which I presently live is pretty good too.
The State of Wisconsin announced it's new slogan to attract those poor pitiful souls of State's like -- Illinois(thanks for raising the price of those TOLLS!)!
Wisconsin --- Life's So Good!
It's not the best (Escape to Wisconsin is still the best), but it's not bad either.
But there's too many people who think life sucks, and they only way they can express their "freedom" is by complaining, which is a simplifcation, because what their really doing is b#$%ing, moaning, and whining! And they think it should be changed.
Wisconsin is a good state, and if you need a reminder that life IS pretty good overall, this is a good place to visit, so you can experience that reminder. (I will be expecting a greater return on my State tax return for the plug!).

Well folks have a good weekend enjoying the good life, and all the best if you are experiencing a tragedy! Enjoy the game Sunday! And when I return Monday, I will be a year older, and after the some of the events of this week, I hopefully will be a littler wiser as well.
Until next time,


Anonymous said...

I think half of all interview questions are unnecessary. A family loses its home in a fire: "How are you feeling right now"?, A team loses its game: "Are you disappointed"? Things like that make the journalist look stupid, and the person being questioned feel like crap.

Jenni said...

It was nice to happen across a fellow Wisconsinite, so I thought I would say hello. The new state slogan reminds me of the Life is Good clothing line at the JB Goods store on Monroe St. Sadly, that store is going out of business...guess life in Wisconsin is not so good for its owners.

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