Friday, February 11, 2005

An Apology!

I want to take this moment on my website to apologize.
I'm really really, very sorry.
To my loyal readers, people passing by, to my co-workers, my family, my kitties and once again ALL my ex-girlfriends. I am truly very sorry.
When I wrote to other blogs I spoke the truth, and anyone who says something else or is writing a book on it, is delusional.
So once again let me say just how sorry I am, and that someday and I will actually be able to tell you why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jason Giambi, I was having a bad day yesterday, and if this whole situation wasn't so very, very, very, VERY sad, I would laugh my ____ off! Like I said yesterday with the Readers Digest article, unless you really have something to say or something to get off you chest, don't bother! I've got plenty of things to worry about. Like what kind of sports I might watch this weekend, Auto racing is back with the Bud Shootout(nah, kind of like Pre-Season Football), The Pebble Beach Golf Tournament(maybe if it's in Hi Def, and once again need a nap), Plenty of College Basketball(Not unless I really have to, and there's nothing on the Food Network, although I might check on the Wisconsin/Illinois game), College Hockey!(maybe because it's the only Hockey there is, and it's between the two places I've lived in the last two years(Wisconsin/Denver)),WAIT the NFL isn't over yet, there's the Pro Bowl(yick, Preseason Football is better! Arena Football is better!)! Plus a million other things I need to do. So don't waste my time, with maybe, or I can't tell you right now.
Thank you,
Have a fabulous weekend,
until next time,

1 comment:

apples said...

apology accepted!
(I can say that, right?)

now I'll have to find out why you apologized..

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