Thursday, February 10, 2005

Just Babbling!
Just a couple thoughts for today that hopefully won't turn into a full fledged rant. I'm a little antsy, I feel like I could write a novel right now, and I have plenty of energy, since I've had two diet Rockstars!! However when I start typing my thoughts get cluttered, well think of this way. Picture a funnel, and at the top are all my thoughts, but what's coming out is a single slow little stream. But I'm plugging away!
I got a email from my brother the other day after he read my last post on Truth and where is it, and how when someone says one thing, right there is someone that says something else or that their wrong. So my smart alec brother after reading what I said, said - YOUR WRONG!!!
And by the way the way the hits just keep on coming. First someone says Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb was puking, and couldn't call plays during the last drive in the Super Bowl, and like clockwork, he comes right back and says "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!".

I know her link is on the sidebar, but I need to give a shout out to a nice blog As the Law Books Close, which would be a good title for a Soap Opera(my title would be "As The Blood Flows").
First my website is on her sidebar as a "must read", and that's very nice(thank you!), but she wrote a very good post about what she is going to do for Valentines Day, which kind of goes with some things I wrote on the mighty subject of "Love".
Which you can review HERE!
She has a very healthy attitude about spending it with herself(which she could be crying uncontrollably and eating a half gallon of Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream while writing it!).

This struck me while reading the new Readers Digest on a possible new clue, by using digital technology that may prove a shooter at the grassy knoll in the JFK murder.
Hmmmm, here's a thought. How about use the technology, test it out, make a conclusion, and then tell me if it worked or not!
Just a thought,

That's all I have today,
Have wonderful day,
Until next time,

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