Thursday, February 17, 2005

One Sport Down - One Going Down in Flames!

Thank you National Hockey League(NHL), for finally doing the right thing and doing what you had planned to do all along. Cancel your season. In case you hadn't noticed there hasn't been any hockey this year. Did you miss it? No, neither did I. Two reasons, one there is still hockey in my town (ON Wisonsin! GO Badgers!) if I wanted to see it, and two I've been following English Football, which is pretty much like hockey, just played on a bigger field, with more players, no ice, no sticks, just as much scoring, better fans sitting in the stands drinking beer and singing songs, and players getting red carded (kicked out of the game) for nailing a guy in the back of the head (just like they do in Hockey!). So there is nothing to miss. So long NHL, you're not missed and even if you come back no one will notice.
Next up:Juiceball-- I'm sorry, I mean Baseball.
Baseball isn't going away, but with the steroids controversy, and all the talk shows, interviews, opinions, Sportcenters, and Behind the Lines, you may not even know the games are being played!
For the record, the controversy isn't that some star players were taking steroids and in the process some long standing records were or will be broken. It's the culture of the whole league that has allowed a player using steroids to flourish. With two expansions, moving a crappy American League team making them a crappy National League team, and at least 16 new stadiums, with the exception of Seattle all seeing increases in home runs. A player in these conditions shouldn't need steroids to hit 30 or more home runs, but why settle for 30 or 35 when with a little juice you can hit 50 or 60, get more bucks ($$$) and more babes! Should be a fun season. And who knows maybe the games will be good too.

Coming Soon: 24 Hours of Pledge Drives!

The NHL may have company soon. PBS is struggling to find new revenue sources, it's President will not seek another term, is losing some corporate grants, and now has to rely on a Republican Congress for Government grants, which some Republicans consider PBS to be too liberal and elitist.
Bummer! Click Here for full story!
I don't mind PBS, but I also get a least a hundred other channels that show such things as English Football, Old Game Shows (Match Game!), constant News & Opinion, just the weather, video games, old National Geographic shows, BBC programs, Military programs, music videos (rap,classic rock, R&B, Hits, and not mention at least 30 other audio only music channels), college sports, sports news only, Poker, traveling, A Leopard eating a Zebra, Chef cooking against another chef, Old Sitcoms, Cartoons, Way too many Children's programs, People pretending to do a Newscast, Stand Up Comedy,Fashion, Home Shopping, Infomercials, City Government, National Government, God gets two channels, and a channel named after a greeting card!
Even if most of these channels have commercials, WOW! I have a little thing called Tivo that makes them go away. So I apologize if I have very little sympathy for the struggles of PBS. But I wish them luck, and look forward to their begging and pleading-- I'm sorry pledge drives.

Comments & Prime Minister Withdrawel Symptoms and a Follow up

There is no Prime Ministers Questions this week in the U.K. and has I mentioned in a previous post I find them most entertaining. Thanks to "apples" for her suggestion in her comment that Australia's is also entertaining, and what I've read about their Prime Minister John Howard I would think so. I did a search and couldn't find a broadcast archive, so if someone knows one please email the link to me or use the comments, because they're always welcome as well!
And It's Here!

To all those loyal readers Lime Coke is Here!
Details to come!

That's all I have today,
Until Next time,


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