Monday, February 07, 2005

The Truth!!! It's Out There Somewhere!

It's inevitable isn't it. One person says one thing, another is right there to say "No, it isn't." They will go on & on, and others will get on board for one side or the other and make their case, and hopefully some common ground is met and life goes on. But there's someone that asks "Well, which is it?", and nobody knows for sure, that's when such phrases as "Well, it's somewhere in the middle" come into existence. Is that good enough though? Was one right? Was one wrong? Were they both a little right? And what doesn't get noticed enough in my opinion is Were they both wrong?
That's the common practice I've noticed in both houses of the U.S. Congress, and somewhat in other countries as well. I weekly watch the Prime Ministers questions from the U.K., it's informative and very entertaining(I used to watch the Canadian one as well, it just wasn't as entertaining). I'm waiting for the day when Prime Minister Tony Blair answers one of Michael Howard's(the leader of the opposition party)questions by replying "Michael, you ingnorant slut!" It gets pretty dicey sometimes, but being British it remains mostly civil. I'm not taking sides but there is something to what Mr. Howard says every week when is he asks a question, Mr. Blair goes right into rhetoric, and how his government has created two million jobs since they have been in office and so on and so forth, which Mr. Howard always replies "Once again, he hasn't answered the question!". This goes on and on, and the observer(being me in this case) is forced to ask or ponder, "Which is it?". Just because one asks a question, and doesn't get a firm answer, has he successfully relayed an alternative that 1. Makes sense, and 2. has somehow proved the other side wrong!
This thought process came to me this morning when I was looking at the funny papers, and on the news that former baseball player Jose Canseco will reveal in his new book that not only did he take steroids but helped others take them, and witnessed others take them, and he names names. Which immediately drew quotes from some players and their former manager to say it's a bunch of rubbish and it's not true. So which is it? Can it all be lies? I actually give Canseco a little credit for completing it, he said about three years ago he was going to write the book and name names, and wasn't taken very seriously, especially when he stated that about 80% of players were on steroids. However when test results were revealed by the league it was more like 7%. But is that the truth?
I recently read "The Da Vinci Code", and within a work of fiction it stated a number of things about Jesus, and some people got upset. But these things weren't true were they? It's just fiction isn't it? Or is it? Or was the truth layered around a fictional story to make it more understandable? And now there are books for both sides of the debate. So, which is it? Do we really want to know? Can we accept such a truth and still have faith? We used to believe the Sun revolved around us, why was it so hard to accept that. Doesn't look any different to us does it, and think of what we learned from that, and our place in the universe.
Are we so entrenched in belief or faith in one side or another that we cannot accept what maybe true!
To me, I don't need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I don't want to be completely lied to, in order to join or choose a side, and if I have a question try to give me an honest answer, and not I can't answer that because it goes against my faith. And to my religous friends please do a little better job of answering some questions than by answering "I may be wrong, but what if I'm right!".
I saw that twice from the TV services yesterday, plus I've heard it before.
We can all do better, and this truth is out there somewhere.
But are we really looking for it, and will we accept it if we find it? Will we do it together, or keep taking sides!
How about that for a Monday!
Hope you a had great weekend and cograts to the Patriots! They are best team (aren't they?)!
That's all I have today,
Until next time,

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apples said...

If you want "you ignorant slut", maybe you should watch the Australian one. Never seen it myself, but I read in a book about Australia that not even the politicians there are like other people.. Gotta love em though :)

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