Friday, January 28, 2005

Happy Friday!
Yes the weekend is here, and NO FOOTBALL!!!! What to do! Well there is Arena Football(possibly), NCAA Basketball(not unless I really have to), Ah, GOLF!(maybe if I'm hung over and need a nap), How about the Senior Bowl(nah, If I want football that doesn't mean anything, I'll stick with the Arena football), There's Boxing(yeah but, a NBA game may breakout). Well what's a guy to do, can't clean the house, wait, here it is . The 4th round of the FA Cup!!! Yes that's right English Football(notice I didn't call it Soccer). A whole weekend of competition, and as a matter of fact I may get a six pack of Guinness("Brilliant") for the occasion. Yes I know the first game starts at 6am, what's your point! So if your in a sports quandry this weekend and you get Fox Sports World, give it a shot! Unless you just can't wait for Sunday's PBA(That's Bowling folks) Birmingham Open!
But somebody from England has to tell me, what would you rather have The FA Cup or win the Premier League Title? Or just take any cup they throw at you!

Thanks to all who sent in comments this week, especially those who tried to decipher the speech to text. Thanks to Ms. Ralph who thought my kitties were "beautiful", and they are, when they're not begging for food, or yelping in the middle of the night.
But the comment of the week goes to Libby for the nice comment about how refreshing it was to hear a "guy" say how communication is important in the whole love thing!
Just remember self-communication is equally important, about the things you want in love, life, and beyond! Because remember the person you deal with the most is----YOU!

Folks have a great weekend!
That's all for now,
Until next time,
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