Monday, January 24, 2005

If I Wasn't So Happy, I'd Be Depressed!

That's was my thought process this morning. The Sun is shining, the new snow is melting, so it helps in finishing off the clean up process. I had a good weekend, football yesterday, more fun with the Magic Bullet(a tomato sauce over pasta, a cheese cake, and a frozen strawberry cocktail(yum)). Saturday was fun, slept in, dug my car out of the snow, did some mall shopping looking for a last minute gift for our Christmas party!(yes, in January), and even the party was fun with the white elephant exchange. The person who ended up with my gift was impressed, and I got the Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader Book! So this week I will be spouting trivial quotes!(Like the average adult has 4 dreams a night and 1 nightmare a year!)
So I'm feeling pretty good, but I can't help notice that if I wasn't feeling happy, I would be feeling depressed. Didn't feel like there was any middle ground.
So I was glad to find this article in the funny papers today, that today is the most depressing day of the year, according to a British Psychologist.
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Radioaffliction Update
Stayed tuned, rebroadcasts of the Best of The David Williams Radioaffliction will be available on the blog this week.
Topics that would have been on the DWRA today:
A thank you to Johnny Carson for the years of entertainment. I miss the monologues the most. Usually they were in the so bad they were good category. I'm reminded of Rich Little's impersonation of Carson's monologue and no one was laughing, so he had say "Hey, If these jokes were funny, I wouldn't be doing a good Carson!"
And in Sports, how this is the worst week in Sports having to wait two weeks for the Super Bowl. With the talk and analysis, and more analysis, and predictions, and that's just this week. Then next week, media day, more predictions(remember this just one game!), more analysis, this time to do it properly commentators must show me on a 5 yard mock field in the studio! Then the pre-game starts on Thursday all the way up to kick off finally on Sunday for the which the game could be over by half time, which now takes 45 minutes!

Well that's all I have today, have a Happy Most Depressing Day of the Year, and remember 3 out of every 4 creatures on Earth are insects and New England 27 Philadelphia 13!
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