Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Peter's Famous Review in 10 Seconds or Less
Years ago, I swore I would never buy anything from an infomercial ever again, when I got ripped off from the Power Antenna, which was supposed to use the wiring in your house to pull in even the weakest TV signal and make it crystal clear!
Well I was disappointed with that product even though when I bought one I got one free!
But I couldn't resist when I was flipping channels really early one morning, and saw the Magic Bullet! Which can mix, blend, or whip just about anything in 10 seconds or less. I was intrigued, but skeptical especially when they were offering a 2 for 1 deal, but by the third time I saw the infomercial and being bored on New Years Morning, I went to their website and ordered it. It came yesterday, and so far I'm impressed. I made things I never had any intention of making and enjoyed it. I had a pesto dinner, and with the juice part of the blender section, mixed carrots, cucumber, and a beet!!! And LIKED IT!!!!!
So with a major cold streak coming in this weekend, I think I might just head to the store and grab a bunch of stuff, and have a Magic Bullet Weekend!
So just like life, sometimes you try something and it doesn't work out, and sometimes you take a chance, and things can work out.
So the Magic Bullet get's a *** rating.

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Follow Up, With a Lime Please
Well at least one person is willing to try the new Lime Coke (Good Luck Michael) when it comes out in the next month! I will try it myself, but I'm a little skeptical, but if the Magic Bullet can work out, maybe Lime Coke will be the new rave!

Happy _______day!!!
Cheers to a Person who helped make Match Game one of the greatest shows of all time!
Charles Nelson Reilly is 74 today!

Happy Birthday Chuck!

That's all I have today,
Have a great one, until next time,


golfwidow said...

May he have a wonderful birthday and tons of [blank].

birdwoman said...

Diet Lime Coke is the best diet coke - it is actually palatable. So maybe lime coke will be ok, too.

Did you try holiday spice pepsi?


jazz said...

hi Peter, thanks for participating in my blog! You rock!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Charles Nelson Reilly's greatest screen appearance ever was on The X-Files, in their best episode ever. It was called "Jose Chung's From Outer Space." He got to play a fairly low key part in a crazy episode. I was impressed!

Dave said...

I've always wanted to try the Magic Bullet.. maybe now I'll order it for myself.

Strawberrie-Shortcake said...

hmmm ...not sure what you got there ...sounds like a sex toy ..are you sure you're using that right?

ella m. said...

A friend of mine's dad is an exec at Coke (i.e. has access to advance new products) and the lime coke seems half least better than the craptastic holiday spice Pepsi.

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