Saturday, January 08, 2005

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Ooh, Baby it's a Wild World!
I don't stand up for many causes and I don't like to push my feelings or opinions on people, but if I were to have a cause right now it would be to FREE THE CAT!
Yes that infamous terrorist lurking about Cat Stevens(now Yusef Islam) is still not allowed to enter the United States.
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Now trying to figure out the inner workings on the mind of Mr. Islam over the last thirty years would give you a headache, and I don't agree with everything that he stands for, and his music sometimes is an acquired taste(although "Teaser and the Firecat is one of my favorite albums of all time!), but what made Pat Tillman a hero, has made him an outcast, and what the US Government calls a terrorist threat. He gave up the millions of dollars that he made or could have made in the music industry to do what he felt finally gave him a purpose in life. There is a lot to criticize, but I'm not sure there's much that terrorize.

Odd's & End's
Lastly, a shot to my heart, and I'm not sure why I didn't catch it sooner, because I'm rather picky when it comes to such things.
A term that we have embraced here in Wisconsin about Lambeau Field being "The Frozen Tundra". I have seen the light and realize that term is redundant.
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