Saturday, June 04, 2005

What's Left!!!!

In the last two weeks two secrets have finally been revealed.
1. How Anakin Skywalker (finally) became Darth Vader and
2. That W. Mark Felt is "Deep Throat"!

In the case of emotionally tortured Mr. Skywalker, we knew this was coming, and while Obi-Wan gave it scouts try to save him, we knew that he would fail and leave him as a lump of scarred flesh, only to rescued by the Emperor, and become the Bad guy we remembered. And that he wouldn't be Anakin again until his son who after just becoming a Jedi could have destroyed the Emperor himself, sacrifices himself to the powers of the Dark Side, until his father can no longer face the pain, and become good again, destroying the Sith, saving his son(and the Jedi), and restoring balance to the force.

In the case of Mr. Throat-- I mean Mr. Felt. This was one the greater mysteries of our time, and the revealation has left me with a little feeling of dissappointment. For one thing I had $20 riding on that it was Alexander Haig, and second what was unknown is now known, and now it's time to move on. That's it! All that build up and POOF! Kind of like when we found out who shot J.R.!
There will be a little debate on whether he is a hero, as his family feels or a sell out like the wonderfully heroic G. Gordon Liddy thinks. But that will come and go faster than Jennifer Wilbanks my emotionally tortured runaway bride, who never hooked me up with the blonde police woman escorting her away from the press.

Now for me the question remains, what's left! What else is out there are we just dying to know, but haven't or aren't willing to figure out yet. Could it be the cure of a major disease, and if it's found will I have the same feeling as when Mr. Felt was discovered. "Wow that's it! All that moral debate over stem cells and all you had to do was eat the leaf of an oak tree!"
Could it be the one really big question, the one I'm even avoiding (on this blog anyway), Is There a God? A simple question really that seems to cause more pain than it really intended, and it's becoming more of a fight between the people who feel that they have a fantastic computer in their head that can do almost anything, including a little thing called rational thought vs. people with books, and a little thing called faith. The problem I feel, is that the answer came and went a long time ago, and nobody liked the answer, therefore the queston(s) persist.
That's all I have today,

Have a great weekend,

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