Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Reality Better Than Fiction?

Dorene M. Lorenz emailed me the other day with the announcement of her first novel, "Midnight Blue Noon" being published. I was intrigued by the details of the plot(which I have included in the comment section), about the goings on in a small Alaskan town, and I thought to myself wow, that is pretty amazing, and yet I'll bet some of it actually happened. I try not to stereotype crazy things going on in Alaska, because what else is there to do in Alaska, because the same things have been or can be said about Wisconsin.
I looked back at my own life in just the past week, and I thought to myself again wow, this is pretty amazing. Did this stuff actually happen? Can life be the ultimate novel, TV show, movie, or better yet choose your own adventure story. Have I been wasting my time with silly diversions like, DVD's, TV, sports, politics, religion(!), when there is real life, real entertainment out there.
So let's take a look at my life the last week, and see if we can determine whether it's just a simple man's means of getting by with life or the ultimate soap opera.

**The Names have been changed to protect the innocent. The Guilty get no so such luck.**

Peter deals with closure of his late beloved grandparents as Peters mother comes to town to tear down the old family house and sell the property off in pieces to the highest bidder. Peter and his mother come together to deal with their issues over a Rocky Rococo pizza(Best Pizza in Madison) on Mothers day.
At the office, Jeff leaves the firm to become a rock star, and Calvin is forced to make a choice between is real job, and the firm since he's been making his own schedule up for the last month. Peters dreams of being a rock star are shattered into pieces when he plays his version of Paul McCartney's "Let Me Roll It" with Peter doing a William Shatner-esque second verse, while the guys would rather listen to Barry Manilow's greatest hits, and is Bob plotting against Peter because of his jealously that Peter is the bigger jerk in the firm than he is?
At the homefront it's been a crazy week for the cats, as Sha-la got poop stuck in her fur again, and she is afraid that the trauma is so much that it could lead to a major hairball. While Tyche Tiger is planning a coup and demands new kitty litter and more rations of cat nip, as he deals with his cravings for used q-tips.

So there you have it. Not bad for just one week in one lifetime.
Sure there is an unpopular war and President. Gas prices are way too high, and a lot of other things going on that are unpleasant. But take a look around, and you might find out that you are living an amazing life.
Thank you Dorene for the spark to look at things.
It truly is an adventure.
Have a great day(show)!

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