Saturday, August 02, 2008

Doing What's Best "4" All

Way back in March I thanked Brett Favre for his long tenure with the Green Bay Packers.
It was a fun ride, with plenty of excitement and entertainment including a Super Bowl Championship, the thrill of overcoming a broken thumb to smack down the Vikings on National Television, to giving a high five to an official after a touchdown.
But it was over. It was time to move on, not just for him, but for me as well the humble fan(actually a Green Bay Packers Stockholder). Just a few moments to reflect, watch the tearful retirement speech, maybe watch a few old games on videotape the NFL doesn't know I have since I haven't sought written permission from them. Then a simple thank you and then realize that life goes on.
Even if you don't care about football or sports for that matter you've probably been forced at some point to hear the news that Favre had an itch to play again and his now seeking reinstatement into the league and play again for the Packers.
So the lesson for all involved here is what I previously mentioned. Life goes on, and sometimes we need to be reminded that there are other things in life that we can and maybe should do. Including Hall of Fame caliber Quarterbacks.
Does Brett have the right to want to play again. Sure. But is Brett really the right person to know what is best for him in this situation based on what it means to his team and now the entire National Football League(N.F.L.). Sometimes we has humans are faced with certain realities, and sometimes the person directly involved is not really the best expert to what is really best for that person. Actually sometimes we are the last person to know when it is time to move on in a situation, whether in be in football, or a job or even a relationship.
Now the Evil SPorts Network is posing the question that the Packers are bribing Brett by offering him between 20 and 25 million dollars for ten years to stay retired under a Marketing and Promotional Contract for the Packers.
What appears to be a bribe on the surface, is actually an offer that is not only in the best interests for Brett and The Packers, but the entire N.F.L.
What ESPN forgets is that making up stories and creating drama is entertainment for them and their audience. The real entertainment comes from the actual game itself and not in a 90 second(two minutes if it's Primetime or Monday Night Countdown) highlight of their importance or choosing. You really can't have one without the other.
So while letting Brett play seems like a great idea, the media frenzy or circus is too distracting for all parties involved, and if releasing him or trading then sounds like a better option for the Packers just for the sake of letting Favre play for the sake of playing, a reporter or two may stick around Green Bay just to see how they are doing, the rest of the circus would follow Brett and the process just lives on in a different location. That is not in the best interest for the game itself, and in reality for Brett, and that is why the Commissioner of the N.F.L. Roger Goodell has not yet reinstated Favre, which was according to the mighty network a rubber stamp deal that would have been done seconds after the N.F.L. received Favre's letter of intent.
As much as I have enjoyed the play of Favre over the years, I am grateful for the time and effort spent but life goes on and the reality is the game goes on, and what ever happens over the next couple of days, when the games begin, whoever is playing. I'll be there.

Updated 2/9/09

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