Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life is Complete! "The Man From Atlantis" is Available on DVD!

For all those who have faint memories of their childhood!

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Man from Atlantis

Back in the summer of 1977 if you went to the public pool
that I frequented, you'd see a lot of young boys (especially yours
diving underwater and moving around like they were having an epileptic
seizure. We weren't having fits, we were
trying to swim link Mark Harris, the Man from Atlantis.
The series started off with not one, not two,
but four made-for-TV movies that were rated highly enough to earn the
concept a
weekly TV series. After that lengthy
trial, you'd assume that the show would get solid ratings.
That wasn't the case. A lower
budget, silly scripts and a villain
who was featured way to often doomed the show to only 13 episodes.

Still fondly remembered (and featuring Dallas
star Patrick Duffy in the title role) the show is at long last
available on
DVD-R from Warner Archives. There are
two sets, the four TV movies and the entire weekly series, and both are
viewing, especially the first collection. (Click on the cover images above to be taken to the Warner Archives page to order them.)


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