Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daryl Hannah Makes a "Splash" at The White House!

Some people will do anything to get noticed. Maybe she will get a guest spot on a show on the CW network!

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Daryl Hannah arrested at White House protest

Actress Daryl Hannah has appeared in several films, including

Washington (CNN) -- Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested Tuesday during a sit-in in front of the White House protesting a pipeline expansion project that would significantly increase the amount of oil the United States imports from Canada's controversial Alberta oil sands.

The "Splash" actress was among more than 100 people arrested at the demonstration, according to the group that organized the protest.

A representative for the actress was unaware of the arrest when contacted by CNN Tuesday afternoon.

The State Department is set to issue what could be a final ruling to allow a massive new pipeline expansion from central Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. A decision is expected by the end of the year, State Department spokeswoman Heide Fulton said at a briefing last month.

Canada's oil sands have drawn numerous critics who say the way the oil is extracted harms the environment.

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