Sunday, August 21, 2011

Girl Struck by Lightning Twice While in Shower(Duh)!

I am going to sound a tad insensitive, but since nobody died in this story here it goes.

As you read the through the story you will find that the young girl who struck by lightning(twice) almost deserved it.

NEWSFLASH!!: Don't take a shower during a THUNDERSTORM!

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Swedish girl zapped by lightning twice

A 12-year-old girl in Gothenburg was struck by lightning twice while taking a shower during a thunderstorm on Wednesday evening.

After dinner 12-year-old Alice went downstairs in the basement to take a shower when her parents heard her scream.

Seconds prior to the child’s outburst two loud claps of thunder had suddenly cracked outside and the rain began to pour.

Alice had been struck by lightning in the arm but her parents did not immediately understand what had happened.

The child’s mother, Cecilia Svensson, immediately went downstairs and began to help wash her daughter’s hair when Alice screamed for the second timed.

“She screamed again. She was holding the metal shower hose while rinsing off,” Svensson, who at this point still did not understand what was happening, told local newspaper Göteborgstidningen (GT).

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