Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes! ABBA's Induction into Rock Hall of Fame Gives Me a Supercramp!

Stooges, Jimmy Cliff, Genesis, & ABBA Get Rock Hall Of Fame Nods | Billboard.com

My annual discussion about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is here again as another round of inductees are let in while others have not being let in for one reason or another.

My usual debate is that I have no problem of gets in, but who gets left out. I guess that happens to all "Hall of Fames".

I love ABBA, I have all their albums-- I mean a "friend of mine" does. But c'mon man. ABBA, Blondie, Jackson Browne, John Fogerty(while with CCR),THE STOOGES(!!!!) are in, while founders of progressive rocks groups like Yes, King Crimson and Supertramp still wait for an invite.

I fail to recognize this organization until it finds a better method for their flawed induction process.
(There I showed them!)

My true feelings are expressed in last years Radioaffliction vol. 7.5
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