Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time names Bernanke person of the year!

Time names Bernanke person of the year - MarketWatch

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Really? Was it that bad of a year? No one else in the World made a significant contribution to be considered except a man who pretty much did nothing. Didn't raise interest rates, didn't comply with Congress over audits over bail out money, didn't smile, etc.

Didn't someone in this country win the Nobel Peace Prize? What about those people running that collider in Switzerland, they haven't destroyed the Earth yet they should get some votes. Brett Favre coming out of retirement(again) should get some consideration, and the voters of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for letting in Abba over Supertramp surely get my vote.
I guess when I really think about it I can't come up with anyone better, which is probably why Time Magazine has been doing this for many years. I should learn to trust them.
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