Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What are You Going to Watch Tonight?

This is a follow up to this article I wrote earlier this year about how far cable/satellite networks will go(sink) to somehow in their minds obtain a reasonable amount of the market share audience.
Let's go to the TV grid tonight:
I'm not sure about your cable/satellite lineup, but on my system the crummy AMC(formally the great American Movie Classics) and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) are back to back, and tonight both channels are taking advantage of Peter Jackson's new King Kong by showing "classic" versions of the famous monster.
Here is the Difference and I ask what would you watch?
First AMC will play the 1976 version with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange(babe, but no Faye Wray) edited with commercials or flip to the next channel and watch the original 1933 Faye Wray(babe, but no Jessica Lange) classic, unedited with no commercials.
Honestly I won't watch either one, but if I was forced to make a choice like I'm forcing you to make one, I would choose the original on TCM. Basically because of no commercials. While it's true that the original is also probably a better film, because the 1976 film was pretty crummy, but that really factors little into my decision. I'm actually in favor of a network that wants to show crummy movies. Sometimes I'm really in the mood for them. I extremely object to crummy movies edited with commercials. In fact there are way too many commercials(and don't forget infomercials) on cable television for a service I already pay way too much for, and it's not just the crummy AMC.
Fox Sports Net(FSN) has a good Poker information show on called Learn From The Pro's, which is already a walking ad for Full Tilt Poker, as soon as the show gets interesting the idiot announcer(self-proclaimed) annouces that they "have" to take a break. How about not taking a break.
The worst offender I've noticed lately comes from MSNBC. Have you ever on purpose tried watching Chris Matthews' Hardball? I usually catch the show while flipping channels, and I was always wondering why he was talking so fast all the time. Well, because he is always going to commercial break. I displayed some patience the other day and actually timed out segments, and it came out to four minutes of programming to four and a half minutes of commercials, almost five if you count other MSNBC promos, and don't forget news updates at the top and bottom of the hour, you're only getting almost a half an hour of the actual show!
Ever wonder why people are giving away (and taking) content on the internet?
By the way, The Radioaffliction does not have commercials(just "humorous" segments to help break up segments).
Like I wrote in May, be different. It's okay to play crummy movies, because it's good to have a niche. But if you want to attract an audience (and keep them), just give them what they came for. The crummy movie!
Have a wonderful day,
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