Friday, December 02, 2005

It Can Always Be Worse!

Greetings and a happy holiday season to all! I'm back at it after a three week break from blogging and podcasting to write a novel in thirty days, deal with a death in the family, and start training for a new job for the holiday season.
Well the novel didn't get finished, but the first part is done and an outline is completely done, so what was stuck inside my head for over a year is now out. It could be worse(I have ideas stuck in my head for over twenty years!).
A death in the family is never easy, but in my experience with death, it's dealing with the people that are still alive than coping with the loss of the person who died(although I have to admit that losing a child and a parent did suck). But in this case all pretty much went well. In fact I had a little bit of a chuckle when my family wrote my grandmothers obituary and said that she died unexpectedly at age 93. To me I'm just not quite sure how unexpected it is that a 93 year old person dies. You've got to come to terms with the reality of the situation at some point when a loved one or anyone gets that high on the odometer of life, don't you? Not to suggest that someone could die expectedly(Fred died expectedly today at age 52), but if you really think about it, death is certain and depending on what you believe, it's part of a master plan, so in fact it maybe possible to see an obit that said that Fred died today as expected at the age of 52.
Anyway I'm getting sidetracked, dealing with the family was pretty good actually, it could have been worse. However many things with the family is to be determined. Like what to do with the family house and all the stuff in it, so stay tuned.
Then there is the job for the holidays, and while the extra pay is nice, it's a pain in the butt to get to, since I'm determined not to get a new vehicle until gas prices go back to a reasonable rate(actually it's the cost of insurance that I'm truly offended by), and people become more responsible with how they use their vehicle or this spring! Since Madison has a wonderful transit system I use that, and what would normally take twenty minutes to get from point a to point b, now takes an hour and fifteen minutes. Then I get to work and I'm on my feet for eight hours straight with maybe a twenty minute break in there somewhere, but it's really pointless, and while the people there are fairly nice, they don't really give a crap about me. I work in one company, but I'm supposedly paid by another so they have the attitude that "Hey, you're somebody else's problem", and not really going out of their way to make sure I really know anything, just do your job and go home. And that's fine with me, I meet some really nice people along the way, and that makes the time go by pretty fast, and hey, it could be worse. I was checking out the goings on in my old town of Denver, and caught this article from the Denver Post about a couple of window washers who got stuck when their scaffold stalled twelve stories up and then the wind kicked in and gave them the ride of a lifetime. Check the article out there is video footage as well.
So to wrap this up, if something in your life is not going as planned remember it can always be worse, and that you have the ability to change it anytime you want. Just like George Carlin used to say when he was funny, "If you don't like the weather where you live. MOVE!"
Have a wonderful day,

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