Monday, December 12, 2005

Get a New Plan Stan!

I'm in a sports mood today and I'm shocked to hear the news about Stan Van Gundy. I'm not shocked that he is out as coach of the NBA's Miami Heat, nor am I in shock that former Coach Pat Riley is taking over. I am shocked that by now Van Gundy has not spontaneously combusted.
Maybe it's a little personal because for one shining moment Van Gundy was the head coach at the University of Wisconsin when Stu Jackson decided he was too good for Wisconsin after leading them to 1 NCAA Tournament win(in fairness it was their first win in the tournament since the 1940's), and in my opinion only Van Gundy is the biggest Freakazoid in Sports.
What inspired me to write this article is the fact that it is not very often that I agree with or for that matter even listen to ESPN's Steven A. Smith. HOWEVER!
I am in complete agreement with Mr. Smith that Van Gundy will never be accepted as a NBA coach(or any other coach) until he learns how to relax. He is constantly moving up and down, screaming and yelling at officials, players, mascots, and whatever is in his path, and the worst part was he was always in this big pool of sweat!
When he was at Wisconsin, I wanted the Badgers to win, but I just couldn't stand watching this blubbering, blithering, blathering sweat monster parading the sideline.
So my advice to Mr. Van Gundy is, take some time off, enjoy the holidays, find the BIGGEST Chill Pill you can find, and CHILL THE @#$%& OUT

updated 2/23/09
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