Monday, February 01, 2010

Obama Axes NASA Moon Plan in New Budget!

Obama axes NASA moon plan in new budget | Reuters

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I know a lot of people are going to say there are bigger problems that need more attention(meaning money), but look back at history and one of the affects(or is it effects) of the "Space Race" is the innovation that the science provided just to make things work that later was used in the public sector(like the personal computer, was that important?).
Many of the problems that the nation faces really isn't solved by money(especially Government money), and if you take the grants and budget away from NASA and they rely on private donors, only the private donors will benefit from the science learned because they are going to want a stake in their investment.
I would rethink this if we are truly concerned about education and science in this country.

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cube said...

Obviously, Obama is not concerned with education or science in this country.

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