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New City, Still No Drama in Pro Bowl?

New city, still no drama in Pro Bowl - ESPN

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I wasn't going to do anything with this story until I found out the story was written by retired Orlando Sentinel columnist Jerry Greene who is one of those cynical sports writers who used(I am going to use the past tense if he is insisting on using the title retired even though he is still writing) syndicate football picks every week and thought he was funny with his literal take on football teams(Calling the New York Jets the East Rutherford Jets, but never calling the Dallas Cowboys the Irving Cowboys which is ironic because East Rutherford is closer to New York than Irving is to Dallas).
So in other words there was the nothing the NFL or the Pro Bowl could do that was going to satisfy him.
So in case you missed it(and you probably did since the Grammys were on) here on some things the Pro Bowl did that were better(compared to the past)!
*By having the game during the bye week of The Super Bowl, I wasn't completely bored on a ordinary Sunday pondering whether to actually check out Golf, and possibly missing Baseball and dare I say NASCAR(NOOOOO!)!
*It gave ESPN a head start on Super Bowl hype and discussion. In the past what else would there be to talk about(because you can't just watch sports you have to talk about it) since the Super Bowl would have been the week before.
*There were more people in the stadium(which it seems has changed names 4 times in the last year!) for any Pro Bowl I've seen in a long time(and more than I've seen for a Dolphins game in a long time).
*It was a high scoring game that was close and went down to the last few series to determine the winner.
*Aaron Rodgers started the game!!!!!!!!!!

I know you can't teach a old dog new tricks and far be it for a simple blogger/podcaster to tell Jerry Greene how to write. But it is so easy to find something wrong with something especially since he had convinced himself he wasn't going to enjoy it anyway. Maybe enjoy yourself for once and in addition to his snarky style add something that is positive. Is it really that hard?
I imagine it probably is.

Update 2/2/10:
TV viewership for NFL's Pro Bowl up 40% from last season - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -

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Update 3/3/10
Pro Bowl again to be played before Super Bowl - ESPN

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And if Mike McCartney, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority means it when he says "“We know how much the Pro Bowl means to our residents." Make sure there are some damn people in the stands!
Have a nice day! :)

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