Sunday, March 15, 2009

For the Love of God Use Your $2 Dollar Bills!!!!

Years back I wrote an article entitled No Love for the $2 Dollar Bill in which a Taco Bell manager refused to accept a $2 dollar bill from a customer.

Now comes an article from the Kitsap Sun(?) about a 15 year old boy's collection of $2 dollar bills "allegedly" stolen from his room. $550 worth of $2 dollar bills!

I have said this before and I will say it again until we get it right.
The $2 bill is an active form of currency and is meant to used NOT COLLECTED!!!
Hopefully the money was taken from an estranged parent, who took the money and put into some sort of fund gaining interest and not sitting in a shoebox under the bed waiting to see if they are worth something someday. The fact is they are worth something.

Just think if everyone in the USA that is stashing away their $2 dollar bill took them out, dusted them off and used them, we would probably save the economy. And retailers take notice too. You have room in your cash drawers. That last slot is not for checks or big bills. They are to go underneath the drawer or that secret compartment behind the drawer where you keep rolled coins.
Let's look at the benefit of the $2 dollar bill in a retail environment.
If you are giving the customer back $9 dollars in change it is easier to give the customer back a 5 and two 2's than a 5 and 4 one's. Using the $2 dollar bill helps you use less $1 dollar bills and you make less trips to the bank and that saves energy.
That's right folks, using the $2 dollar bill will not only save The United States economy but it will also save the planet!!!

Take action everyone, get out today and get those $2 dollar bills rolling, keep calling it The Sears Tower and Pluto is a Planet(in Illinois)!
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