Friday, August 26, 2005

Reason #23,412, Why I Don't Think I'm Ever Getting Married!

Sometimes I come across a blog and I scratch my head, and wonder what someone is expecting to hear when they write their post. This thought came to me when I came across this post from The invisible Writer, where she wonders if she should be upset with her husband for the reasons explained in the post. If you take a look at the post it would not take you very long to answer, Duh, yeah! Some people were quick to comment that she should dump him, which drew an immediate response from her with the classic retort, "Of course, I'm only bringing up the bad things, he really is a sweet guy". I almost commented myself, but I'm hoping this story was more of an embellishment in order to induce comments on her blog than a complete list of actual events. When I see something like this, I go back to the post I wrote waaaay back in March of this year Love:A Reality Check. To me just based on the evidence presented, this is a classic case of someone who wishes to be "married" and is not really "in love". The cliff notes version of my old post was that Love is easy, you love your parents, pets, children, sports teams, co-workers, etc. But when it comes to true companionship, a bond that is lasting and powerful that you are willing to spend a lifetime with someone, there is usually something "more" there than just love. It usually can only be defined as a "know it when you feel it" type of thing. So I'm sure that The Invisible Writer loves her husband but there is something "more" she has in mind and in my opinion she hasn't come to terms with that, she believes because she's married that all this stuff should be all worked out, so much so that she is debating whether or not she should be upset about things that are completely unacceptable to her, and to anybody else for that matter. Likewise I'm sure her husband loves her, mainly because he's married whose wife will bail him out every time he gets in trouble, and clearly by his antics is searching for something more that doesn't really include her, she is more of a security blanket than anything else. I'm sure things can be worked out, but for me, I'll just wait, and wait, and wait (so on and so on), until "the more" comes along. Because the older I get, the stakes get bigger in relationships, and hopefully so will the rewards.
That's all I have for today, don't settle for less when there is "more" out there,
Until next time,


aka_monty said...

The longer I wait, the more I doubt I'll ever marry (again). I was much too young and stupid then...
The thought of actually having to share my space with someone other than my children makes me break out in a cold sweat. :) I'm with you~no settling. Wait for the 'more'. And then stop looking.

Laura Blair said...

nicely done and very well said. Thank you!

Shizgirl said...

I left a rather lengthy comment over there. It does astound me she even has to ask if she should be pissed. Good grief.

Nique Zool said...

well said stuff in a great post.

marriage is a fear.

sometimes you gotta face them.

my blog might scare you.

it does I.

and the future wife.
take care,

Croaker said...

I agree totally. To many take marraige to lightly. I'd rather be alone then remaking mistakes.

Doug said...

I'm with you, brother.

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