Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Being a Fan Doesn't Mean They're Supposed to Win!

While surfing through the blogoshere I came across an article that reminded me of something that is rapidly becoming a pet peeve of mine(my all time pet peeve is people on the Interstate who try to pass while still on cruise control!).
The post is entitled "How the Cubs Win the World Series"!
He begins his post by stating he is a lifelong Cubs fan. I stop right there and almost click to the next site.
I hate to tell people how they should feel, but you can't be a lifelong Cubs fans and expect them to win. I used to think you should watch/follow them to lose(which are much better odds) but that's no good either.
So here it is, just follow them and see what happens! It's 50/50 chance of one or the other.
Look I know the guy feels, and I admire a person in this day and age of fantasy sports that a person follows a team, but my upbringing has led me to my opinion. My grandfather never missed a Cubs game, and if he wasn't finished with his chores he would have a radio on full blast with six extension cords out to the garden so he could follow the game. However, he would never admit he was a fan,
"Nope, they're not going to win today", and if they managed to pull one out he would say, "Well they got lucky today, they'll blow it tomorrow!"
A healthy attitude, a bunch of bull*&%$, but since he's passed on, I've carried on the tradition. It's kept me sane when their up 3-1 in a series and they blow it, to say "See, I told you so, what else did you expect".
It's just a recomendation that's all, and I think worth a try,
Until Next time,

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