Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Follow You, Follow Me

A little bit of a sports theme today, because I think I'm the only one who isn't getting it. Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers had an incident with a cameraman a while back, that got him suspended(pending an appeal) for 20 games. The incident happened on the field during warm ups and the cameraman's excuse after Mr. Rogers asked that he not point that camera at him, was that he was just doing his job. Fair enough, the players are on the field, and it's your job to cover the game and the players in it, you shouldn't have your camera thrown off your shoulder!
Well a 20 game suspension(which is STILL pending an appeal) is not harsh enough, Mr. Rogers has been arrested for assault, and since he publicaly apologized and ate crow at the All-Star game last week, he tried to do the right thing and turn himself in.
But wait! What's there right next to him while he's being fingerprinted(I REPEAT WHILE HE'S BEING FINGERPRINTED!), another cameraman?!?
Strangely enough Mr. Rogers doesn't approve of him being there, so he has a few words with him, just words, he doesn't toss aside the deputy next to him and smash the cameraman with the deputy's night stick, just some words, terse perhaps but just words, and the cameraman intelligently replies "I'm just doing my job!"
So the Sports Talk crowd today had a field day with Mr. Rogers with such comments like, "He just doesn't get it!", "What kind of idiot would do that!"
Point #1. I already know what kind of an idiot he is by his first reaction to the original cameraman, his lame public apology which was somehow supposed to explain his deserving to play in the All-Star game. So the proof was already in the pudding.
Point #2. Doesn't anybody have a problem with a cameraman filming while fingerprinting!!!!!!!! Spare me the "He's a public figure, He's in the news, The cameraman has a job to do and he's just doing it!!"
Why not follow him into the bathroom to make sure he wipes! Or puts the seat down after at least!
Even better, do the more intelligent thing watch him go into the police station, wait for him and when he comes out, film him and ask the great question "How did it go in there?"
I do not condone the actions of Mr. Rogers at all, and believe he is getting what he deserves has far as punishment goes, but this silly CNN(media news in general) style coverage of an idiot, is well idiotic.
I feel better now, how about you!
Have a great day,


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