Friday, May 06, 2005

When Gold is Not Good Enough!

Here is a story close to home for me! Marquette University in Milwaukee ever since it changed it's nickname for it's sports programs from Warriors to Golden Eagles waaaay back in 1993, has had complaints from students and mostly alumni. This all started when the University got complaints from local Native American groups about Marquette's use of their logo and mascot. At least that's my opinion of what they should have been upset about. I'm really not sure what claim they have to the term "Warrior", indeed some of them were, but the Vikings were warriors, Attila the Hun, Constantine, The Crusaders, Hey George Washington was even a warrior, fought in two of them, Eisenhower for crying out loud, and what about Darth Vader! And with nicknames like Redskins, Indians, and Braves out there, whining about Warriors is pretty thin. But Marquette is a Catholic run school and therefore principle is more important than principal, and so bye-bye to Warriors and hello Golden Eagles. The University doesn't get it however, they think people don't like Golden Eagles, and that's not true for the most part. What they don't like is that it's not the Warriors. So bowing to pressure, and the fact that some very nice people were willing to make (sizeable)donations if the University changed back to Warriors, they decided they would have a panel look at changing the name. I think everyone thought that if they were going to change the name, it would go back to the Warriors, or after some careful study say, "You know right now isn't the right time, being at war and everything, and the Native Americans still aren't really happy about it, so we aren't going to anything right now, it's the Golden Eagles, so just live with it". I could accept that, and I think most people would still grumble a little then move on with life after a little while, but what does the Univerisity do. They make a major press conference, send out thousands of letters to Alumni to announce the new nickname and logo to: (get ready Warriors fans!)
THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!
Yes that's right ladies and Gentlemen, your new team the Marquette Gold!
It does make sense in one regard, they are moving into the Big East Conference, there will be the big game with The Orange of Syracuse for the battle of the Orange and Gold! (Excited yet!)
But so far only the University is happy with the change, although I haven't heard from the Native Americans yet, everyone else is still up in arms. I'm surprised there isn't a religous nut out there complaining of a nickname that has ties to materialism. Give it time.
My advice to Marquette is this, your students and alumni are your life blood, kind of like your children or pets. And while you try to guide them and teach them rights and wrongs, there are just times the only way you can shut them up, is to GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!
Go Warriors!
Have a great weekend,


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