Friday, May 06, 2005

Go Ahead, Ask me Anything!
It's Friday! And I'm stuck at the Madison Airport until midnight, so I'm opening up the phone lines (that's an expression) and allowing you the viewing/listening audience to ask me anything! You can use the comment section or email me an audio question by recording your question and sending in .mp3 format to and I'll put it on the next Radioaffliction!
In the comments section is examples of previous Ask Me Anythings!

Enjoy and thanks


Peter Allyn said...

Janet was the first one to check in on the radioaffliction email, and wrote
What are you doing at the airport anyway? Where are you going? When will you be back? What airline are you flying? Are you nervous? Do you fly a lot? Is this enough questions to keep you busy for a while? Should I think of something else to talk about while you pass the time? Take care.
Thank you for Janet for your question(s), and it's not as exciting as it sounds. A friend of mine owns the local Budget Rent a Car franchise, and I'm filling in at the airport counter (sometimes on Sunday mornings too!) And it's kind of a slow night tonight! Not nervous at the moment, and the Muzack should be switching to Big Band music before too long!

Peter Allyn said...

Menopsycho asked these probing questions!
Why are some folks so dang mean spirited? Why does my daughter take out her anger at her man on me and the child? Why the hell am I so non confrontational? Why am I asking you this anyway?
Your first two questions will take some time. It involves why I call the "Life Gap", It works like a technology gap, which is for an example, you have an old V8 Ford LTD which still has a carberator to distribute fuel. It gets the job done, you get from point A to B, but you're not getting very good fuel mileage and you are not comfortable going out of town with it. Meanwhile technology has adavanced to a level that there are cars that can at least get 30 miles to a gallon or a hybrid which is close to 60. The life gap is what a person wishes or apsires to be, do or whatever vs. what they actually do(i.e. A lady wants to be an actress, but works at McDonalds). A bit of an extreme example there, but what creates the gap are things like belief systems, fear, procrastination, etc. How you overcome those is when you can narrow the gap(The lady in her spare time maybe volunteers at a local theatre, maybe get bit parts, and gets paid and quits McDonalds, etc.). So to finally get to your questions, what makes people confrontational is that a lot of people hold on to belief systems that they don't realize that they have moved on from, and others have and they are left to defend their position or in their mind feel stupid, but somehow they don't feel stupid holding on. Your daughter takes her anger at her man at you for a couple of reasons. She has set her mind that she wanted a man and a child, and thought that was it. Score. Left out a silly little thing like actually falling in love, and really knowing what that means, because 75% of that comes from within ones self(Also see my earlier posts on wanting "more"). She takes it out on you because as you said you are non-confrontational which for the most part is a good thing. You realize that there is more to life than a lot (I mean A LOT) of the things that go on in ones life in a day. Why are you asking me, well first off I asked you to ask me, because I am a reasoable person who doesn't judge, just tries to understand all the little details in the crazy little puzzle called life. Fun isn't it! Thanks for your questions!

Talking Tina said...

Hi Sexy PAC ty for comming By!Loved the gold article.

Peter Allyn said...

Was an idiot an deleted the wrong post, which had some good question, and good comments from some good people! So I apologize for the long comment.

Ask Me Anything!

Happy Friday, haven't posted in a while, moving my office and that's fun, and a little time consuming!
This is something we used to do on the radioaffliction, and that was open the phone lines and email to ask us any question! So since I'm going insane with the moving, I thought this would be a good weekend to Ask Me Anything!

Here are some examples from past shows!

Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Personally Blue, but because my eyes are hazel, green clothes look better on me.

Q. Is the fable of Anakin Skywalker an example of Determinisim?
A. Yes. Anakin Skywalker's destiny was to bring balance to the Force. Even though of his own free will(even though he may have been tricked) he turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader, he had a son who eventually learned the nature of The Force, and by his son confronting and defeating him caused him to sacrifice one side or the other. By choosing to save his son's life from the Emperor, he gave up his dark side, and destroyed the last remaining link to the Sith and restoring his soul, and making his son a Jedi, therefore fullfilling his destiny, and bringing balance back to the Force!

So if you are just sitting around this weekend, doing the hit exchanges and stuff. Go ahead and take a chance and ask me anything!
Answers will be in the comments, and the best ones will be in future posts, 4 minutes of Pete, and in between segments on the best of Radioaffliction!

Have a great weekend,

posted by Peter Allyn @ 2:45 PM

At 12:22 PM, volterwd said…

Whats the best star trek series? Dont say the original ew

At 1:42 PM, Peter Allyn said…

Of course nothing beats an original, but in the Star Trek universe that's hard to say. The original Star Trek is the framework for the rest of the bunch, so it's pretty safe to say that from The Next Generation on,.. has a lot to be thankful for from the original cast. Any Star Trek episode is some sort of metaphor for a philosophical discussion, and for the most part all Star Trek's have done pretty well with that. But without the original series I don't think you have the rest. Does that make them better? It's like apples, oranges, carrots, and broccoli. They are all good for you but all different. However I'm afraid Capt. Kirk is the best Captain of the Bunch!

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous said…

Is 'radioaffliction' an attempt to revive an old, classic media in this digital and satellite generation? Or do you just use the name 'radioaffliction' because it sounds cool?

At 5:20 PM, Peter Allyn said…

Great question. First off I don't do things because they "Sound Cool" or are a "Great" idea. I let history and the audience decide. So if you think it sounds cool, it is. As for what Radioaffliction is, it got started when I moved back from California to Madison back in the early 90's. I had been working at a radio station out there, and I had a bunch of equipment and could produce a show out of my apartment with my two roomates. Nobody would hire me at radio stations, so we just did shows on are own as if they were real shows, made cassettes and gave them to friends and girls we liked, and so forth, and it worked out pretty well. Then we started by just talking, we all just got out of college and there were plenty of questions in life to ask and we would talk about them. Then when the tapes went out, and people listened to them they would come back with comments or questions or "why did you say that Peter?" kind of stuff, and then would we would have a material for a new show! Then in the late 90's we started making CD's and the internet took off, and I came up with a process to stream the show using Real media on a webpage. Now picture yourself back in the time period, everything about the internet was about marketing. I hated it and I just wanted to do the show, but that's life. So the major marketing plan was to market the show as if the show has had been on for years! Like since Radio started and it was the David Williams Radioaffliction. Personnel would change but the concept was the same, Give the news headlines, and discuss topics either that were in the news or in life, and discuss, and allow others to respond. So things moved on, some people got married, some got jobs in other areas, my dad died (he did weather forecasts), then I met a girl and we moved to Colorado, and now she's gone, I moved back to Madison with two of her cats, got my own place, I run a business, shut down the website, but started a blog in the same format has the radio show. So finally to answer your question it's more of an attempt to revive a process (Talk and ask questions and have the audience participate, and try to do it in a postive, informative way) than any particular medium.

At 9:51 PM, Mandy said…

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop?

At 6:15 PM, Peter Allyn said…

Funny you should ask Mandy, my brother and I were talking about that the other day. One day years ago he was really bored and decided to answer that very question, and kept track on a notebook. The smart allec answer is 3, and according to my brothers notebook, it's 323, but I noticed the other day when I had a miniture one, that you don't lick them, you suck them. So the answer is as always, the world may never know!

At 8:04 AM, gail said…

You have a great voice! Are you still in radio?

At 2:44 PM, Mere Existence said…

I think he brought balance to the Force by killing off all the jedi... 0 is a wonderfully balanced number. I've been learning Java all day, and it's turned me into a total nerd.

At 3:47 PM, Peter Allyn said…

Thank you, and the affliction is it for now, so keep checking the site from time to time and you can continue to hear the "voice".
Lay off the java, because it has clouded your memory. Vader did not kill Yoda, and Obi Wan sacrificed himself to become one with the force, and to spiritually guide young Luke, and Luke became a Jedi when he defeated Vader, restoring his fathers soul, to in turn destroy the emperor to bring the force back in to balance. Whew, maybe I need the java now!(Sorry Mere didn't realize you were talking about the program Java! My BAD!)

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