Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spam A-Lot!

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! I hope spring has sprung where you live, because it's having a tough time springing up here! I actually had a tough time scraping the windshield this morning because the frost made a cool pattern and I didn't want it to die! But had to get to work, so tough cookies.
I'm training new people in our new office this week, and that's been a lot of work, moving and teaching people new things, but sometimes things settle down, and can actually get quite boring. I did the normal stuff, checked my email, my ebay auctions, stock portfolio(still not rich yet!), website stats, another email account, checked the news, and still nothing going on here at the office. Crap, now what. So I thought I would check my bulk email folder! What fun! I have blindly just let mail goe into this folder and just empty it when it gets too big. But no more! Just look at all the things I've been missing that I can use in my life! 22 credit card applications, 9 of the pre-approved! 9 Auto loans, 6 Directv units (although I think a couple were Dish Network!), 16 home refinace offers, also I can get cash by tomorrow! 5 new cell phones, and offers for more ring tones for those phones, don't forget affordable health care and life insurance, plenty of those, and I can get a degree in criminal justice! I don't how I gotten along without the right Martini glasses all this time, and finally the best hair barrettes ever made(in the description they say "Hair's the details! Man that's funny!)!
So if you feel something is missing in your life, it could as close to you as your bulk mail folder!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete!
Get a garage and you wouldn't have to scrape!!!
Miss you!

Mandy said...

My bulk email folder always tells me that I too can have a bigger penis. not sure how that works...


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