Monday, March 21, 2005

A Love Follow-Up!

After my lengthy discussion on love the other day, I came across another blog from a woman which I felt proved my point, or at least the point I was trying to make to the question that was at hand.
This is what was at the top of her blog for the day:
What Do You Want Out of Life?
1. To be a GREAT Mother
2. To be a GREAT Wife (first two is hard to argue with, good to have goals)
3. FOR MY HUSBAND TO ROMANCE ME (this is where we need a judges ruling!)
(this is the rest of her rant)
Is it so hard? Women are simple creatures! No really
we are! All we want is to be appreciated. See its not
(Now back to me)
Two points that I can add to this,
Point 1 is a follow up to what I wrote about last Thursday, is that self matters. What are you doing that makes you feel like you should be romanced? Just being his wife I guess is reason enough, therefore what are both of your ideas of what romance is? In his mind maybe he is, to some people coming home with a bucket of chicken wings and sitting with him on the couch and watching him slam them down watching football is romantic. That leads to point 2 (and when I get to quote Tony Robbins it's a good day), which is the quality of your life(or marriage) is equal to the quality of your communication. Spouting off to the blogoshpere is okay so that you are not bottling stuff up, but it's not who you should be talking to. Talk and find out what makes both of you happy. Men are simple creatures too, but remember it's not simplicty that we ultimately are searching for. Loving is easy, it's all around like I said Monday, and don't lie, even if he starts romancing, you're going to want a little more. It's your complexities and your ability to communicate and show them, is what makes you lovable and capable of "more"!
I welcome comments on the subject, I want to make sure I'm on the right track and not coming off as insensitive.
Best wishes again to all searching for "more!"

That's all I today, comments are always welcome,
have a great day,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amen. Communication is the key. It refreshing to hear someone say that.

Libby :)

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