Monday, January 11, 2010

NBC Pulls Plug on Jay Leno Shows Prime Time Experiment!

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NBC pulls plug on Jay Leno show's prime time experiment

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This could be the end for NBC. This was not supposed to be about ratings this was about saving money instead of the cost of 5 hours of programming(mostly dramas).
It seems like everyone who wants NBC to fail on this was making noise(like CBS) and that freaked out some local NBC affiliates who threatened to air alternate programming.
NBC is in such a no win situation and so many ego's are now in play.
So now NBC's grand idea is to have Jay Leno on for 30 minutes(!?!), then the Tonight Show(which in some parts of the country in will be on at Midnight which is no longer tonight), and then Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
NBC does have the Olympics coming up and that could buy some time for programming in that time slot, but here is my award winning solution for NBC for the remainder of the TV season(appox. early September).
Cut your losses with Leno and instead of repeats of Heroes or Law and Order and please no more stupid News programs. In the 10pm(EST) slot play classic NBC shows from the Past(to remind us that NBC was once a great network).
Little House on the Prairie on Mondays, A-Team on Tuesdays, L.A. Law on Wednesday, Cheers and Seinfeld on Thursday and Bonanza on Friday.
It's just a thought and no worse than Jay Leno!
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