Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tweet Radio Makes a Good Soundboard for a Karaoke Bar!

Here are my links for the week and possible topics for the next Radioaffliction!

  1. Tweetradio: Have you heard the bird? Speaks out twitter posts(tweets). Needs a little work on translations, but that's what kind of makes it fun. Plus it sounds like an old radio and since this is The Radioaffliction. We love it.

  2. Google Dashboard: Yes Google knows a lot about you and while some people are freaked out about that, others(like me) give it freely. With Dashboard you are at least given the illusion that you have some sort of control over what information Google has about you.

  3. Free Soundboard!: With this fun site you can play one sound at a time or play different sounds at the same time. You can challenge your moral compass on some of them together or you can actually make some useful sound effects.

  4. Gong!: Ever wanted to Gong someone or something or just needed to release some energy. Well now with the Free Gong button you can Get it ON!

  5. Create Karaoke: Interesting Wikihow post about how to take an .mp3 file and take out the vocals to make a Karaoke track. It does involve using Audacity which has made me cry sometimes, but if you follow the instructions you can use this to enhance your next party!

Quote of the Week: From Fox Sports announcer Thom Brennaman from his old colleague Harry Caray regarding the Brett Favre/Green Bay Packers divorce.
"There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth!"

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