Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's a Miracle That He Writes the Songs!

Got into a discussion on my myLot page(actually just remembering that I had a myLot page) about the Top 5 Barry Manilow songs, and I couldn't help but share mine with you on this page.
Here they are:
#5 - New York City Rhythm - Having spent time in New York as a child the lines hit home. "The Pounding beat of the city streets"
#4 - Daybreak - No matter how crappy the previous day was, listening to this song every morning will make you snap your fingers and force you to have a great day.
#3 - All the Time - If more people would listen to this song and realize how much time they are wasting worrying about things instead of moving on, the world would be a better place!
#2 - Trying to Get the Feeling Again - Up and down, all around trying to get that feeling again. Most likely should follow the advice on #3 but still a great song.
#1 - Weekend in New England - Starts slow, ends strong and my nominee for the best Barry Song that should be remade by Linkin Park or some heavy metal band. Strong emotional song for all those lost weekends. "Somewhere Down the Road" is not a bad choice but that song goes nowhere if Barry doesn't do this song first.

Now you can share yours with me, and as Iron Maiden once said "Don't Lie and Don't Say You Don't Know"(clever that I use Iron Maiden to offset the Barry Manilow!).
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