Monday, September 27, 2004

Hello, and Happy Monday!

Not much going on today, just a couple things that caught my eye in the funny papers today.

Blast From the Past
This was on the bottom corner of the one of pages in the local paper here this morning, but I found it interesting with all the hurricanes in Florida this season, and now over the weekend over 10 earthquakes ranging from 2.0 to 2.8 at Mount St. Helens has prompted an alert status at the volcano. Now I'm not suggesting an apocalypse, just seems weird that's all, and to find it buried in the headlines. Since the weather channel had reporters at beaches saying "look at the rain!". Seemed like a volcano ready to explode, would be some reporters big chance. FULL STORY

I'm trying to stay away from corny things like "Link of the Week", but I really am having a good time with this site Internet Archve. They have a whole bunch of public domain movies, music, and education programs. The Feature Film section has a ton of old movies that you can stream or download. Most of them are in the "so bad" their good category, but you come across a gem every now and then. My favorite so far is Love Island with a young Eva Gabor. I laughed real hard throughout this one. My buddies and I could make a better picture.
Like I said, they're not all bad and the #1 download in that category is the old animated Gulliver's Travels! So check it out, and if anyone knows of other sites like this please let me know at the radioaffliction Tell Us What You Think! page.
Well that's all I have for today, enjoy your Monday
Until next time,

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